WORLD YOUTH COUNCIL AGAINST TERRORISM (herein after referred as the ‘COUNCIL’ shall conduct the International Youth Conference Against Terrorism, once in every three years on the lines of the first conference held at New Delhi in February 2003. Each conference will decide the host country for the next conference through majority opinion of the delegates present at the Conference. Chairman of the conference shall be from the host country. Organizations who are members or associate members of the COUNCIL can depute a maximum of five delegates to the Conference. Decisions at the Conference shall be taken by majority vote of delegates present at the Conference. However, only individual members and organizational members shall have the right to vote. Though organizational members may participate through more than one delegate, the organization shall have only one vote to exercise. Invited delegates and associate member delegates shall have no right to vote. Decisions shall be taken on the basis of simple majority of votes


The COUNCIL shall have a Steering Committee with a maximum of two members from each country from delegates present at the International Youth Conference Against Terrorism. The Steering Committee should meet at the end of the Conference to take policy decisions regarding the functioning of the COUNCIL. The Steering Committee shall be replaced at each conference with a new committee to be elected by delegates at the next conference. The functions of the steering committee are to provide guidance and directions to the secretariat and to take important policy decisions related to the functioning of the COUNCIL. At the instance of one-third of the members, a steering committee can also conduct an extraordinary meeting and this meeting can be by circulation or through video/audio conferences on the Internet. The Steering Committee can also constitute sub-committees for specific purposes and delegates the power of decision making to these sub committees..


To carry forward the decisions taken at each conference, the COUNCIL shall have a permanent secretariat located at New Delhi. The permanent secretariat shall be assisted by a Director General and a maximum of five directors and ten deputy directors. The Director General would be selected and appointed by the Steering Committee or a sub-committee of the Steering Committee constituted for this purpose. The Director General shall be responsible for implementation of the decisions taken by the Steering Committee. It is also his duty to carry forward the work entrusted to him by the COUNCIL through the steering committee and report back the results to the COUNCIL through the Steering Committee. The tenure of the Director General would be three years and can be extended or reduced by the Steering Committee. The Director General would appoint his own staff including the directors and deputy directors. Rules for running of the Secretariat shall be formed by the Director General and the sub committee of the Steering Committee appointed for this purpose..


The finances necessary for the running of the COUNCIL are to be met from a permanent fund to be raised through donations, membership fee, associate membership fee, annual contributions of members and associate members and one time contribution of members and associate members. The financial requirements are also to be met through assistance from International Organizations and Governments of various countries.


A specific fund for the political, social and economic rehabilitation of the victims of terrorist acts shall be established through donations, contributions and assistance from national and international organizations and governments. This fund shall be managed by a sub-committee appointed by the Steering Committee with the Director General as the Member Secretary. Assistance from this fund can be suo moto or after considering applications from groups of victims


Finances necessary for the organization of International Conference of Youth Against Terrorism have to be met by the host country organization on the lines of the first conference held at New Delhi.


In case, it is decided by the Steering Committee that the COUNCIL should be dissolved, then any funds remaining with the Council should be handed over to the UNO for the programmes aimed at containing terrorist activities.