Right to life and livelihood is the natural and inalienable right of human beings of the world, in whichever part of the Globe they live in and whatever faith or ideology they profess. Peaceful coexistence is essential for preservation of plurality and diversity, which are properties unique to humans and necessary for upholding the dignity of each human being. Perpetuation of human race and human values would be possible only in a world free of violence and hatred. Unfortunately, terrorism has become the biggest stumbling block to the process of peaceful co-existence and is threatening the very existence of human race. There is no alternative except to directly face the menace. Understanding the causes that give birth to terrorism would help in finding a long-term solution to this problem. Sadly, there is no unique reason nor there is unique solution. Therefore, it needs an international effort and coordination in the form of a permanent movement of youth..

Youth have to launch untiring efforts to:

Find the root causes giving birth to terrorism;

.Launch initiatives to eradicate the menace of terrorism;

Spread awareness in the world against evils of terrorism; and Work for rehabilitation of innocent victims of terrorism in political, social and economical terms.